Bleak exists to create visibility, liberation, and equitability for all Queer people in nightlife.

Visibility means platforming and supporting visions and ideas we identify with at all levels of the nightlife ecosystem in an effort to give power to all, especially those who go unnoticed. We view it as one pathway to dismantle the inherently discriminatory system we’re operating in, and replacing it with a system that redistributes influence.

Liberation speaks to a wider idea of freedom of expression, safety, and recognition for all Queer people. Our way of contributing to this idea is through curating accessible and safe(r) club experiences for our communities that enable belonging and challenge heteronormativity both on the dance floor and in society.

Equitability stands to change existing power structures within electronic music and to consider who has access to resources, opportunities, and funds to participate in nightlife. We seek to eliminate differences in access through conscious inclusion in our events and activities and ensuring Queer people have an equal opportunity to participate in nightlife.

All Queer People in Nightlife considers the multifaceted and diverse experiences of our community, from people whose livelihoods exist within nightlife to those who participate as dancers and listeners.

Our mission statement, values and tangible strategies to achieve the above will all be available on our website very soon bishes! :-)